Top Five Winter Event Ideas


Have a Hot Coco Bar



photo credit: Home Talk

Decorate your winter wonderland table using natural winter elements like pine and wood, and serve up this adorable hot coco winter display.


Play Outside


Photo Credit: All Women’s Talk 

Have some fun outdoors with your friends in a nostalgic setting. Throw around some snow balls, build a snow man, and go sledding before you head inside to that gorgeous hot coco bar to warm up. You can even hand out snow man kits to your guests so they are prepared.

Have a Beer or Wine Tasting Party


Photo Credit: Yutacar

Stay indoors with some delicious craft beers or some wine.  No need to go outside during the cold winter months when you could be sipping all of these delicious treats! Pick up a beer or wine kit to add to the fun!

Have A Comfort Food Party


Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Winter is great for comfort food.  Warm stews, grilled cheese and tomato bisque,  or a hearty casseroles. Have a potluck and ask everyone to bring their favorite winter comfort food to share.

Host a Cookie Decorating Party


Photo Credit: Jennifer Pallian

Stay inside and enjoy some sweets!  Make sure you have a cute take home container for everyone to bring their delicious pieces of work home with them.





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