Ten Summer Party Essentials

Summer parties are in full force and we wanted to share some of our favorite summer party buys!

1. A string of globe lights to transform your backyard into a trendy bistro

These amazing lights come in a mix of lengths 25ft, 50ft, 100ft.  All perfect to transform your back yard into a beautiful bistro or garden paradise.

2. Pool floats that transform your pool into the fun zone

Pool floats shaped like food and animals are all the rage!  Do you want to lounge in a doughnut, on some pizza, or would you rather ride an animal like a swan, unicorn or flamingo?

3.  Fujifilm Mini 9 Instant Camera to take some amazing instant photo’s of all your guests

Use these amazing Instant Camera’s to take quick snaps of your guests or to set up a fun DIY Photo Booth! Plus it comes in lots of cute colors to go with any party theme!

5. Fun Party Tassels to hang over your buffet table.

Having a lemonade, ice tea, flavored water table?  Great!  Add some of these cute party tassels above the table or hanging around it for some cute summer flair!

6. Hanging Tea Light Mason Jars that really bring your garden up a level

Add these amazing star lids to your mason jars to create an instant hanging flickering light garden.

7. Lawn Games are still all the rage

You can’t go wrong with a game like bocce!  Throw in some ladder golf or corn hole and you have hours of fun for everyone!

8. Every good party needs some good furniture to accommodate guests!

This beautiful seven piece set can accommodate your al fresco dinner party, bbq, or serve as a great buffet table! It’s cute, durable, and functional.

9. A cute vintage cooler to give your party that throwback feel

This cute cooler just like the one you remember with its classic design first developed in 1954. Large enough to hold 85 cans and tall enough to hold 2-liter bottles upright, you’ll have plenty of space for refreshments for a whole group of people.  Plus it has a great built in bottle opener!

10. You will need this fire pit to roast your marshmallows this summer

This fire pit is great for any occasion. Suitable for backyard, outdoor entertaining, bonfire pit, RV trips, camping, tailgating, beach, parties, BBQ’s, relaxing, chilly evenings parties this is a great addition to your back yard party. 


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