Event Planning 101

Do you have a big event coming up? Or even a small one? From wedding’s to mitzvah’s, to baby showers and birthday parties we have done and planned them all. And all events start with the same basics and ducks you need to get all in a row. Today’s post is here to walk you through all those basic steps! Ready? Here we go!

Pick Your Venue

Your venue will determine a lot about your event.  It can be the basis for your decor, limit the amount of guests you can have, and will determine what other vendors you may need. It may even determine which date your event will be based on availability.

Pick your Vendors

Will you need a DJ, a dance floor, novelty games, a candy bar, outside caterers, table and linen rentals. Do you need to get a block booking at a hotel for out of town guests or a bus to transport them? What do you need to have at your event?


You’ve got your venue and your vendors now how is your event going to be pulled together with the deocor? Is that one of the vendors you’re hiring? Are you DIYing it? Is it just flowers centerpieces or are you adding more?


You need to make your guest list and check it twice.  Then if you’re planning your event far enough out you can send a save the date and then your invitation.  Make sure you discuss your RSVP date with your caterers to make sure they have enough time to get everything ready for the guests.

Gather or Make Items

Do you need a seating chart, place cards, DIY decor made, goodie bags, candy purchased, prizes for a carnival? What ever that it is that you need to make your event successful it’s time to gather and/or make those items.

Time to go!

It’s go time! Time to put all your planning into action. Clean the house, set up at the venue, arrange the chairs, what ever it is that you’ve planned it’s time to put it into action.  Or if you’ve hired an event planner it’s time to sit back, relax and let them get to work!

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