Broadway Themed Mitzvah

Have you finally decide on the theme for your upcoming mitzvah and you have settled on Broadway? Then this is the post for you!

Below we are going to show you some amazing ideas along with some of our designs from our shop that go great with this theme.

Broadway Themed Logo

The first place your guests will get a look at your mitzvah theme is on your invitation. So the first thing you need to tie everything together would be a Broadway themed logo.

Do you need to have a logo? No.

But if you do want one to tie all of your decor together remember a logo can be used for some many things:

  • Invitations
  • Sign In Boards
  • Seating Charts
  • Escort Cards
  • Spotlight Projections
  • Signage
  • Photo Backdrops
  • Cocktail Napkins
  • Favors
  • Pillows in the Lounge Area
  • Floor or Background Decals
  • In the Video Montage
  • Up on LCD Screens
  • In Front of the DJ Booth
  • Menu Cards
  • Programs
  • Custom Dance Shoes
  • Honestly anywhere you want to put it!

Broadway Themed Programs

Even before you get to the party you can show your guests the theme of the day on these broadway themed programs.

You can customize your cover image and the contents to go with your individualized broadway mitzvah.

To find out more about these awesome broadway mitzvah programs:

Broadway Mitzvah Table Decor

Centerpieces and table decor are a large focal feature of the mitzvah so it’s great to have it all set to theme. Below I am putting some examples from around the internet of some great on theme table decor.

This centerpiece comes to us from Plan-it-Vicki. This mitzvah featured a red carpet, guests picked up there “ticket” seating cards at will call, and each table was a different Broadway show and the ticket let everyone know where they would be sitting. They also used her logo to create a step and repeat for guests to have their photo’s taken. Very cute! Click Here to find out more about this event.

This Broadway themed mitzvah pulled out all the stops for their centerpiece playbills having the Bat Mitzvah girl do a photo shoot for each of the centerpieces! How cute is that! And they used them throughout the design of the event. Check them all out at HERE at Daslimer Atlas Floral and Event Decorators.

These beautiful custom signs were created by Setting the Mood. They are incredible and intricate and are themed to each of the shows they represent. You can see more HERE.

This incredible diorama centerpiece was made by Balloon Artistry and Event Decor custom designed for each table for the Mitzvah. They are just adorable!!! To see more of their diorama’s CLICK HERE.

Broadway Mitzvah Seating Chart

If you need a seating chart for your Broadway Mitzvah then of course we need to stay on theme. These seating charts can use your image or your logo to create a memorable chart!

Playbills as Decor

Another fun decor piece is getting playbills blown up and put around your space as decor. Check our some examples below! Click on the image to be sent to their event photos.

Other Decor Items

There are a lot of decor options out there that you can easily get sent to you via amazon. Here are a few of our favorites.

These are perfect for a lounge area
Red Carpet for the entry or step and repeat photo booth
Marquee Letters to spell out the guest of honors name

There are so many amazing things you can do with this theme! You can tie it in with a New York City look, or go more into each individual musical. There is so much that can make it special.

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