30th Birthday Trivia Game

I was supposed to spend my 30th Birthday celebrating with a picnic on the National Mall.  Sadly, weather didn’t agree that I should hold my party outside and thus I had to have it indoors again this year…  So I had to quickly come up with some games for everyone to play inside.  I couldn’t relyContinue reading “30th Birthday Trivia Game”

30th Birthday Decorations

I turned 30 last week.  It’s a big milestone, I’m no longer in my 20’s and I think that is just crazy.  All week I’ve had people say you don’t look 30!  And thank you people I don’t think I look 30 either!  Keep the compliments coming!  To get ready for my party I createdContinue reading “30th Birthday Decorations”

Easy Birthday Banner

Here is a very simple banner you can make at home for your next birthday party!  I made this one this past weekend for my Dad’s 60th Birthday! Supplies: 2 bowls of different sizes construction or scrapbook paper glue or tape scissors markers pencil hole puncher ribbon Step 1: Cut the number of circles youContinue reading “Easy Birthday Banner”