All of your Election Night Party Must Haves

Election night is coming up very quickly.  In just a few days we will find out who will be our next president.  And in a hotly contested election like the one we’ve been having, where the media firestorm has taken it’s toll and the election has become a media circus that it is it isContinue reading “All of your Election Night Party Must Haves”

Election Day Idea Recap

It might not be the big presidential election this year, but today is still election day non the less!  And as such I would just like to bring you back to election season last year with these Ideas I posted with some quick last minuet election party ideas: HERE and some fun election day Film festContinue reading “Election Day Idea Recap”

Election Day Film Fest Party

Tired of watching all of that election day coverage already?  Still in the mood for some election themed ambiance during your party while you’re waiting for the results to come in? Then here is a list of some of my favorite election themed films that are sure to liven up you party tonight! Click theContinue reading “Election Day Film Fest Party”

Election Day Party Ideas

Are you gearing up to watch the election results tonight?  Obviously the center of everyones attention will be what’s on the TV screen tonight but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring out themed food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.  Whether your party is single party focused or bi partisan you still have time toContinue reading “Election Day Party Ideas”