Joys of the Potluck Brunch

Now lets face it everyone loves a good brunch!  The mimosa’s, bloody mary’s, the delicious food, and the great company!  But, for all my fellow young professionals out there, brunch is EXPENSIVE! Going out in general is expensive, but going out for one of those unlimited brunches is just to much! On the flip side if you want to have all of your friends over for brunch can also be very expensive and time consuming.  It takes a lot of time to make a large selection of items for your guests.

Hence the potluck brunch!

This weekend we had our usual potluck board game brunch with a group of our friends.  This event rotates from house to house and we try to have it at least once a month; but, our busy schedules do tend to get the best of us all. Thankfully we were only missing one member of the board game brunch crew this weekend when we gathered together.

In my most recent post I showed you all the goodie bags I made for the guests for this special occasion but now it’s time to talk food!  Rotating houses and everyone chipping in on bringing a dish really does cut down on the costs of hosting an affair like this one.  Plus you get the added bonus of trying all of your friends creations.

Another bonus of having our brunch be centered around the board game theme is that you are all ready set with activities for your guests when they arrive.  You will eat and then play a board game or two with everyone for a relaxing day of fun, food, and friends! This weeks board game was Clue and while we played I threw on the film for added fun!

All of the delicious creations from this weeks brunch are featured here in this post! We had a large selection this week from Greek Yogurt, to apple coffee cake, to pumpkin cinnamon rolls to the bacon egg and toast cups… Now this isn’t a cooking blog so I’m not going to give you all the recipes but I can always help you find out the recipe if you ask!

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