Hobbit Premier Party


Well, the Hobbit Part 1 is coming out tonight at Midnight, are you excited?  Are you going to the midnight premiere with friends? Well, if you are why not all gather before hand for a pre Hobbit Premier Party!

Now I will not claim to know everything about the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit books/films.  I did have to read the Hobbit for a class back in college and my boyfriend did make me watch all three Lord of the Ring movies last year (he is also going to the midnight premiere tonight and I am not).  But, being the event planner that I am I can still throw together a themed event in preparation for the opening!

The Decorations:

Whether you are attending the film in costume or not you can still prep your home.

-Lanterns for lighting would be reminiscent of the book they don’t have electricity in the Hobbit.

-Put a mark on your front door to match Bilbo’s.  Your guests will recognize it as soon as they arrive at your home.

-Put up images that you can print out to use in your home. You can find millions of pictures by doing a simple online search.

-Put up a sign when everyone enters telling guests to take off their shoes, harry or not Hobbits don’t wear them and your guests shouldn’t either!

The Food:

Hobbits are known for their large quantity of food and endlessly hungry stomachs, and eating six meals a day, so no matter what food you have you should have a lot of it…  Serve foods that hobbits would grow and make themselves.

  • Mushrooms, they were a favorite hobbit food, frodo is caught trying to steal some.
  • Wine and beer, vineyards are inherited by bilbo and beer (or root beer) is a popular drink in the books.
  • Hot soup
  • Cold meats, mince pies, fish and chips basically stereotypical british foods
  • Foods made with blackberries and apples such as tarts (if you can’t find any blackberry foods, go with blueberry and pretend!).
  • Freshly baked breads and lots of butter and lots of cheese to go with it.
  • Pickles they are a popular snack of the hobbits.
  • Foods made of vegetables,  many hobbits having their own gardens meant a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits on their tables.
  • Honey cakes and scones or biscuits are another popular hobbit treat.
  • Tea and coffee, because a. they are popular with the hobbits, but also b. you need to stay awake to watch the film at midnight don’t you!

The Activities

If you have the time today; the day off work, or a college student without any finals till next week, then you have plenty of time to watch all three Lord of the Ring movies before watching the Hobbit tonight.

Click the image to see all Lego Hobbit Sets

There are many, many Lego Hobbit and Lord of the Ring sets that you can run out and purchase today and spend the evening putting together with your friends before the film. If you don’t have a Lego Store around you can find them at Target and Walmart as well.

Have fun making up riddles and try to stump your friends.

Hobbits loved games, so a party celebrating hobbits needs to have plenty of them.

  • One game idea for true fans of the book would be putting a characters name on each guest’s back and making people figure out who they are just by asking questions of other guests.
  • Hide a “precious” ring in your party area and create a map of your own Middle Earth with clues to find it.
  • Any other party game is also suitable for a Hobbit themed party as long as it’s fun!
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