A Very Star Warsy Christmas


My house is having it’s first Star Warsy Christmas this year.  To explain why this is happening I must explain that I don’t celebrate Christmas, my Fiance does and thus I don’t really care how he wishes to decorate for the holiday.  Usually for Christmas we go back to his parents house so we don’t decorate at all.  This year we are getting married over break so we aren’t making the trip back to his parents house and hence Star Wars Christmas Decorations have now taken over my home.
If you want to have your very own Star Warsy Christmas here is how we did it! First we got a little 2 ft tree at Target for under $10 Click Here to buy the tree.


We also got the R2D2 lights for the tree.  He bought them off Amazon.  They are currently available there for $22.  Click Here for R2D2 Christmas Lights.


I don’t know how you can get the Darth Vader tree topper, because to be honest we fond this little head at a semi annual REI sale and no one knew what it was from so they just gave it to us.


To complete decorating we covered our windows with Star Wars Snow Flakes.  This is just one of the many that we made to finish off the look.  If you would like to be able to make your own there is an amazing website with all the designs out there for you! Click Here to go there now!

Now there are many Star Wars ornaments out there for sale and lots of other items you can purchase like R2D2 Stockings, which we did not purchase.  Why, because our tree is to little to hold anything but the lights, and our apartment is to tiny because it’s covered in everything that will be heading to our wedding.  Do you have any other Star Wars Christmas Decorations ideas to share?

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