A Clean Bachelorette Party Activity!

Bachelorette Party Activity Approved for younger attendees

When planning my bachelorette party* I wanted an activity that would be fun for my 20 something friends but also ok for my 15 year old cousin.  My Bachelorette party theme was a PJ Party.  More will be posted about that soon.  But one of the main activities of the night that everyone got to decorate a wine glass.

What you need: Bachelorette Party Glass Decorating Activity

Wine Glass- $1 each from the dollar tree (and they had giant glasses)

Sharpie Paint Pens– These can be kind of expensive, you can find them on amazon but I waited until I got 50% off coupons from all of the different craft stores, went to each one and bought a set at each store.  All in all I probably spent $15 on the sharpie paint pens. It would have been a lot easier just to have ordered them on Amazonbachelorette party glass decorating activity

All you need to do is get the girls together put the pens out in front of them and let them decorate!  It’s so much cleaner than using paint and paintbrushes.  Just remind your guests not to put them through the dishwasher.  Some of the ladies even started drinking out of them that night!



7 thoughts on “A Clean Bachelorette Party Activity!

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    I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  2. […] But come on now you don’t read this blog to be able to program fun activities for your college campus.  Or maybe you do I don’t know.  You want to know how you can do this type of event at home right!  If you can afford to get your guest personalized beer mugs then do it they are awesome!  And everyone will love it!  If you can’t you can always decorate mugs or beer glasses for your guests by purchasing them at the dollar store and decorating them yourself.  Or you can let your guests do the decorating if they are crafty.  For more information on decorating glass please CLICK HERE. […]

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