Chocolate Tasting Party

Chocolate Tasting Party

Well Valentines Day is tomorrow and since I will most likely have to work I decided to host my own Chocolate tasting party for my husband and I today (we are having a snow day here in Virginia).  If you are an avid reader of my blog you’ll know I have already spoken about this great FREE chocolate tasting kit in my Easy Un-Valentines Day post.  But since this idea can be used for singles, couples, groups of friends, at parties, whenever really, and  I thought I would go more into detail about it for all of you!


First I went to World Market last night so I could get a variety of chocolates.  I don’t particularly like dark chocolate so I decided to make my tasting party purely a milk chocolate party so we could compare and decide what is best.  I tried to get a eclectic array of chocolates from different countries as well.  In the end we ended up with World Market- Red Velvet, Godiva 31% Cacao, Lindt Milk Chocolate, Droste Milk Pastilles, Aero Milk Chocolate, and Milka Alpine Milk.Chocolate tasting mat

We then took a piece of each chocolate and placed them on the tasting mat that The Dating Divas Created. They suggest that you start out with the highest percentage of cacao first and then work your way down.   You then go over each chocolate cleansing you palate in between each kind with water and crackers.

Chocolate Tasting Scoring PadsYou judge them on five criteria: look, touch, listen, smell, taste and then give them all a final score.  In the end my favorite going into the competition was still my favorite at the end, the Lindt.  So I may have a had a little bias.  I was a bit surprised by my husbands favorite though.  He ended up going for the Milka, we even had him do a one off at the end between the Milka and the Lindt and he still picked the Milka.  If you would like to get all of the great free downloadable chocolate tasting sheets and information in time for Valentine’s Day then all you have to do is CLICK HERE.  They really have done a great job at making this easy for everyone! Which chocolate do you think you would have picked?

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