Valentine’s Day Modern Movie Marathon (2000-2014)

Valentine's Day Modern Movie Marathon (2000-2014)

There are a million love themed older movies out there and you know what someday I will probably post an online list of those let’s face it I am a huge sap for When Harry Met Sally and anything Tom Hanks…  But today I am doing my Valentine’s Day movie marathon list based on movies that have come out in the last 15 years, 2000 to 2014. Before you continue reading, if you’re in the anti valentines day mood make sure you check out my un-valentines day post!

50 First Dates50 First Dates (2004)

Rated PG-13

This film is bridge between the normal goofy Adam Sandler movie and a more serious Adam Sandler Mvie.  Some how their quirky circumstances just happen to work out as the non-committal Adam Sandler meets the short-term memory loss sufferer Drew Barrymore.  It’s funny, it’s cute, it has cute aquarium animals, what’s not to like… This one also has the added bonus of guys will watch it because it’s funny and has Sandler in it, it’s hard to get a guy to watch a romcom…

Up_PosterUP (2009) 

Rated PG

Purely on the list for the first ten minutes this movie starts out with a love story conveyed without words and leaves an entire audience in tears.   It follows Carl and Ellie from childhood, through years of happy marriage ‘till death does them part. The rest of the movie is adorable of course but the real love story is those first ten minutes.

.The HolidayThe Holiday (2009)

Rated PG-13

Two Women down on their luck in love decide to switch lives and homes for a week. One heads off to England they other to L.A. where each meets a local gent and begin to mend their broken hearts.  Though I am not a Cameron Diaz fan I actually do like this movie, Eli Wallach really saves it with his adorable love stories about his past with his wife who has passed away.  

27 dresses

27 Dresses (2008)

Rated PG-13

It was the age of the Katherine Heigl romcom, she ruled the screen as the misfortunate girl who couldn’t find love.  In this classic romcom she has served as a bridesmaid 27 times, and a young handsome James Marsden has come along and writes an expose on her life as a bridesmaid but never a bride, will they find love?  Of course they will it’s a romcom!

Silver Linings PlaybookSilver Linings Playbook (2012)

Rated R

It’s strange how two people can bond to form a relationship.  In this film he’s recovering from a nasty manic episode and she’s been sleeping around since her husband died.  Both are living at home with their parents and are going through what you may call a rough patch but strangely they work.

Love Actually

Love Actually (2003)

Rated R

Though it is on the surface Christmas themed this films real theme is love.  If you haven’t seen it yet (really how have you not seen it yet) Love Actually follows eight different couples dealing with their love lives through interrelated plots.  It’s a great film just don’t get fooled into watch Valentines Day the movie they tried to follow it up with… it didn’t have the same magic at all…

The ProposalThe Proposal(2009)

Rated PG-13

He’s the assistant she’s the pushy boss and she forces him to agree to marry her so that she can stay in the U.S.A and not be deported to Canada.  But in this cute romantic comedy before they can go through with it she has to go and visit his adorable family including grandma Betty White up in Alaska.  You can’t not like a movie with Betty White.

Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice (2005)

Rated PG

Another Jane Austin story remake yes, but it is good I promise.  Again probably can’t get your beau to watch a British Period Piece but hey if you’re watching it with your girlfriends go for it!  Keira Knightley plays Elizabeth and Matthew Macfadyen Mr. Darcy in this film and their performances are amazing.  The one downfall is over acting and poor british accent put on by Jena Malone playing Lydia (which is sad because I love her in Saved so much).  It is a classic love story of overcoming ones own ‘pride and prejudice’ (see what I did there).

Brokeback MountainBrokeback Mountain (2005)

Rated R

Ang Lee’s beautifully directed this story of forbidden and secretive love between two cowboys over the years. With amazing performances by the whole cast, especially Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, this is a movie that shouldn’t be missed.



The NotebookThe Notebook (2004) 

Rated PG-13

This is the movie that put  Ryan Gossling on the map as the new leading crush in peoples lives.  Nicholas Sparks knows how to write a love story and this one is probably one of my favorites.  It was definitely the one that transferred from book to screen most successfully.   It has the star crossed lover effect of Romeo and Juliet, he’s poor and passionate, she’s rich and is flanked by over protective parents.  They are separated by their lives will they ever get together, you know the story… Still it’s a good one! Not sure I can get my husband to watch it though.

Do you have any other movies to add to the list?

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