Free Oscar Red Carpet Bingo

1393013268_usbingo_articleimage_467x453US Magazine might be, well lets face it, a tabloid magazine.  Doesn’t make me like it any less though! But today they came out with something I think is pretty awesome for the Red Carpet Watcher this weekend!  So if you are having a few friends over (or hosting a floor watch party RA’s out there) I say download this fun Bingo game and watch the Red Carpet TV coverage.

While the announcers are repeating themselves for the fifth time you can be concentrating on looking for someone strolling down the carpet wearing gloves! CLICK HERE to download the kit of five Bingo Sheets from US Magazine, they automatically begin downloading when you click.

Don’t forget while you are watching the pre show make sure you fill out your Oscar Ballots for more Oscar Party Fun!

Note: US Magazine is not paying me to promote this… Though if they want me to, go ahead US hit me up!

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