“Easter” Egg Hunts aren’t Just for Kids

PicMonkey Collage


I promise you faithful readers, Easter egg hunts aren’t just for kids.  My birthday falls at the end of March and when I was little my mother created a tradition of always having an “Easter” egg hunt my birthday party.  I never celebrated Easter so this was a fun activity I never really did any other time of the year, plus with my birthday always being around easter, the little plastic eggs are easy to find in the store and the finding of them can occupy kids for a long long time.

A few times throughout my more recent birthdays I have brought back the egg hunt game at my birthday parties, and I promise you 20-30 somethings are just as excited to hunt for those little eggs as kids are!  This year since my birthday picnic was rained out I had to come up with a few fun indoors activities quickly for my friends and I think they all really enjoyed it! To help entice my guests to hunt on top of the candy they would get in the eggs I also had prizes out for the winner.

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