Free 4th of July Printable Banner

Free 4th of July Banner


The 4th of July is coming up faster than you know it! Soon it will be here and I want to make sure it is as easy as can be for you!  This week I am giving you this free awesome 4th of July Bunting Banner printable.  All you need to do is download the three pages print them on your color printer and hang in or outside your home for your party.  I like to hang mine using string or twine and some clothes pins.  I clothes pins aren’t hand there are two other options, paperclips, or you can punch two holes in the top corners of each letter and string the string right through it!  Make sure you do two holes though if you only do one in the center the letters will turn on your rather than face front especially if they are not hanging flat against a wall.

Enjoy your free 4th of July treat! Images are below to download and print!

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