Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags

For my bachelorette party I needed clean fun activities for all ages so I could include my 15 year old cousin in the festivities. So I had a PJ Bachelorette Party. Everyone came dressed in their PJ’s up to my hotel suite two nights before the wedding, we settled in for some snacks, movie watchingContinue reading “Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags”

A Clean Bachelorette Party Activity!

When planning my bachelorette party* I wanted an activity that would be fun for my 20 something friends but also ok for my 15 year old cousin.  My Bachelorette party theme was a PJ Party.  More will be posted about that soon.  But one of the main activities of the night that everyone got toContinue reading “A Clean Bachelorette Party Activity!”