Olympic Opening Ceremony Party


The Winter Olympics begin this Thursday in Sochi Russia which means if you are having a prime time watch party you need to get ready now!  There are two main ways to decorate and enterntain for the Olympics.  The first is to celebrate your home country or which ever country/countries you will be routing for in the Olympics.  The other is to celebrate the Olympics as a whole using that color pattern.  You can also always do both!


If you need some inspiration because you wish to decorate your home in red, white, and blue I have some idea’s on some previous posts you can see that HERE.  olympic_rings_paper_chain_460

But this post will talk more about the Olympic theme itself.  One very easy decoration that involves both the rings themselves and the colors of the rings is to do a paper chain.

You will need:

Paper in red, green, black, yellow and blue
Stapler, glue or tape


Cut your paper into strips. Roll each strip of paper into a circle and fasten by glue, sticky tape or with a stapler. Put the next strip of paper through the circle and form the next link of your chain. Keep going until your chain is as long as you’d like it to be.


If you are hosting a party a fun activity for your guests watching can be opening ceremony bingo.  You can download the set of five bingo cards HERE.


Make some Olympic Ring Pizza , with rings made from black olives, red pepperoni, yellow pineapple, green avocado, and blue cheese!  Read more about it HERE.


Gold Medal Oreo’s made from Oreo’s and fruit by the foot! Read more about them HERE

What do you have planned for the opening ceremonies?

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