Easy Valentines Day Decorating With CANDY!

easy valentines day decorations with candy

Valentines Day is coming up one week from today and it’s time to start getting ready.  Here are just a few simple ideas for decorations using my favorite part of any holiday the CANDY.

Valentine-Decor-265x300Valentines Day like any other holiday comes with it’s cliché candies readily available for you to buy in the store.  Candies change their standard colors(i.e. m&m’s), or you can just use candies that come in red to begin with (ie. the entire twizler family of candies).

Then there are the candy hearts, which I think kind of taste like chalk… These candy hearts though are readily available inexpensive and people don’t really like eating them, so why not use them for 


As you can see in the Image to the right all you need are these candy hearts, a flat glass bowl and some candles to achieve this look!

If you don’t even want to buy those you can get some sprinkles to do the job for you too!

decoration-ideas-cute-glass-jar-with-delicious-colorful-heart-candy-in-valentines-table-decor-lovely-valentine-day-decorating-ideasCandy Jar

Candy can also be displayed to be eaten.  It’s always handy to have some Mason Jars or glass vases in your home purely for flowers and candy!!!  Or Flowers in Candy as you can see below!  To achieve this look I took my throw bouquet from my wedding made of fake flowers and placed them in the Mason Jar full of M&M’s.

vday candy bouquet


As a special bonus in today’s posting I am including these free printables that I created for the bottoms of your hershey kisses.  All you need is to print them out and attach them with some glue.  Let them sit to dry and you are done.  I can also make you customizable printables for $5.  All you need to do is click the Image to copy the image to your computer and print!


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