90’s Theme Party Make Your Own DunkAroos

box-of-dunkaroosDunkaroos aren’t being made in America any more… I know I’m as shocked as you are!  These were a classic treat during my childhood and I can’t believe they aren’t still on the market here unless you pay a lot on Amazon.

So what do you do when you are having a 90’s theme event at work and need some fun 90’s activities?  You create a DIY Dunkaroos station of course!



All you need for this activity are some cookies (I used honey maid angry birds and some chocolate ones too), frosting, sprinkles, spoon and bowls.  All your guests need to do is take a spoon full of frosting place it in your bowl poor some sprinkles in the frosting if they chose to, and then put some cookies in the bowl.  Then dip the cookies in the frosting to enjoy!  So simple and so nostalgic it will bring back lots of great memories!


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