Pandemic Trivia Birthday

Well we are on week- I have no idea of the Covid 19 pandemic without an end in sight. I’ve already celebrated my birthday and my husbands is coming up next. So like the good event planner I am I got to working a virtual birthday party that he would love!

And what he would love is a Pandemic Trivia Birthday Virtual Party! So here is my go to guide on how to create your own virtual pandemic trivia birthday party. Or honestly just a virtual trivia night.

Here is How to Celebrate a Virtual Pandemic Trivia Birthday!

First send out an electronic invitation using e-mail or a website like Paperless Post.

You can just read the questions to your guests and they can write them on paper and show them to you or you can find an app to use to produce your trivia game. I like to use Kahoot. It lets your players use their phones to answer the trivia multiple choice questions. Points are awarded based on fastest answered, wining streaks, and obviously if you get the question right!

Find an app to share your screen for the trivia questions or just for general socialization at the party if you’re just reading off the questions. I like to use Zoom. You do need to find someone to host who has a full account so that you can have your party longer than 30 minutes but that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

I have found it very easy using Zoom and Kahoot to share my screen so that everyone can see the questions and play! But definitely test it out before you host your party!

Next it’s time to actually get questions for your trivia game. There are two main methods for question procurement. General trivia questions or questions about the birthday person. Either option can be great it just really depends on what the birthday person would want most and how it would play out with your guests. Look below for some links to trivia questions that I provide!

You can also always promise to provide prizes to the winner. An easy prize right now would be some kind of electronic gift card.

Need help getting some trivia questions? We did a post a long time ago with a bunch, feel free to go and check those out they are located HERE. We also have some Battle of the Sexes Questions on another post that would make great general trivia questions. Check those out HERE.

Now you’re all ready to host your birthday trivia night! Have any questions? Did we leave something out? Let us know in the comments so we can help you make your event the best virtual trivia birthday party ever!

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