Baby Shower Planning Checklist

During the first stage of the baby shower planning the mommy-to-be needs to be very involved.  After that however, feel free to leave mommy out and let her be surprised on the day! 2-3 Months Before The mom should determine first and foremost who will host her shower.  Family member or friend she should pickContinue reading “Baby Shower Planning Checklist”

DIY Baby Shower Painting Project

May baby shower was a great success and I can’t thank my “little sisters” enough for planning such an amazing day to celebrate my little guy!  There was only one thing I asked for to be at my party and that was that I wanted all of my guests to take part in a littleContinue reading “DIY Baby Shower Painting Project”

Cutting the Guest List in Minutes

Do you have a big event coming up?  A Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Baby Shower. or even a birthday party?  Well then you might need help with your guest list!  Whether a party for 150 or 20 there is always a master list created of who’d you like to invite and then it’s time to pairContinue reading “Cutting the Guest List in Minutes”