Cookie Exchange Party

First of all what is a cookie exchange party?  Also known as cookie swap, a cookie exchange is a party that brings together a group friends and acquaintances that like to bake.  Every guest must bring enough of one to two types of cookies to share with everyone else.  At the party, everyone can sampleContinue reading “Cookie Exchange Party”

Hobbit Premier Party

Well, the Hobbit Part 1 is coming out tonight at Midnight, are you excited?  Are you going to the midnight premiere with friends? Well, if you are why not all gather before hand for a pre Hobbit Premier Party! Now I will not claim to know everything about the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit books/films.Continue reading “Hobbit Premier Party”

Candy Cane Themed Party

So you have a lot of friends from all different religions and you want to still have a party at this time of year.  What to do, what to do? How about a candy cane themed party! How to decorate: Obviously everything should be red and white! The amazon carries lots of white pillar candlesContinue reading “Candy Cane Themed Party”

The White Elephant Gift Exchange Party

What is a White Elephant Party you may ask? Well do you have a group of friends all wishing to exchange gifts but aren’t interested in the usual secret santa? If you do then this gift exchange is for you!  If this game seems familiar to you it may be because it also goes byContinue reading “The White Elephant Gift Exchange Party”

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away so let’s talk candle centerpieces for Thanksgiving.  Now I know I have brought candle centerpieces up a few times, but that is because you buy these items once and you can keep using them over and over again. This simple candle holder is just a $1 from the DollarContinue reading “Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas”