Top 5 Nerdier Party Games

In my previous post Top Five Party Games I talked about my favorite games that I enjoy playing at parties I attend and host.  However, those party games are more main stream.  Having the influence of friends who enjoy a good nerdy board game here and there has opened up my eyes to a myriad ofContinue reading “Top 5 Nerdier Party Games”

Spring Time Event Games

The weather is finally nice out there and that means it’s time to start having your events outside!  BBQ’s, Pool Parties, Picnics, etc. are all on the horizon.  So other than planning the perfect meal what else is there left to do?  Plan the events your guests will be partaking in! Now in a previousContinue reading “Spring Time Event Games”

Wedding Reception Games

So one thing I was worried about for my upcoming wedding, among the billions of things to worry about associated with weddings, was what will people do that don’t want to dance? Dinner is done, and there are really only three main activities for people, eating, drinking, and dancing.  But what happens to those nonContinue reading “Wedding Reception Games”

Last Minute New Years Eve Ideas

Are you hosting a party this new years? Do you still need some ideas of stuff to get your party going? Here are some party games especially planned for New Years! Resolutions Game: Write as many New Year resolutions as you can think of on slips of paper. Make them as serious and silly asContinue reading “Last Minute New Years Eve Ideas”