Minute to Win it Games for Teams

  At work next week we are having a staff retreat day at a park.  My fellow colleague and I were tasked with coming up with games for everyone to play while we are at the park.  And lets face it my office team is competitive!  So we’ve come up with a series of minuteContinue reading “Minute to Win it Games for Teams”

Easy Potluck Food

So you’ve been invited to a potluck and you need something to bring!  I am not going to lie, I am not the great chef in my relationship.  I can plan a mean party, but I can really only bake for it!  I have also been a vegetarian for the past 19 years so IContinue reading “Easy Potluck Food”

Spring Time Event Games

The weather is finally nice out there and that means it’s time to start having your events outside!  BBQ’s, Pool Parties, Picnics, etc. are all on the horizon.  So other than planning the perfect meal what else is there left to do?  Plan the events your guests will be partaking in! Now in a previousContinue reading “Spring Time Event Games”