Easy Halloween Decorations

There is no need to fuss before your Halloween party this weekend, decorations are still out there and easy to find and even easier and more creative to make!   Your friends and family will love these simple do it yourself decoration ideas! Tissue Ghosts Have you ever made a tissue ghost?  It was anContinue reading “Easy Halloween Decorations”

Do it yourself 4th of July Banner

Are you decorating your home for the 4th of July today? Well here is an easy do it yourself banner making process for you! I love this website that lets you download and make your own banner.  It is really perfect for any event!  I spoke about it the first time on the Graduation EventContinue reading “Do it yourself 4th of July Banner”

Easy 4th of July Decorations

  4th of July is coming up in a week and you have all weekend to get your decorations ready for the party!  Here are some easy decoration ideas for your festive event! Better Homes and Gardens has a great list of ideas out there here are some of their suggestions: Festive Flag Wreath DoContinue reading “Easy 4th of July Decorations”

Memorial Day Planning Ideas

Memorial Day’s intention is to honor those who have lost their lives in service to their country.  However, for most Americans it means celebrating a long weekend and the kick off to the summer session.  Pools are opening, college students are out for the summer, and BBQ’s are in full force. Below is a listContinue reading “Memorial Day Planning Ideas”

Winter Wonderland

Well Chanukah has passed, Christmas is next week, and Winter is here for quite a while.  So even if you don’t have snow outside how do you make your home into a winter wonderland for all of your upcoming holiday parties?  The basic color scheme of your decorations should be: white, silver, and light blueContinue reading “Winter Wonderland”