Easy Valentines Day Decorating With CANDY!

Valentines Day is coming up one week from today and it’s time to start getting ready.  Here are just a few simple ideas for decorations using my favorite part of any holiday the CANDY. Valentines Day like any other holiday comes with it’s cliché candies readily available for you to buy in the store.  CandiesContinue reading “Easy Valentines Day Decorating With CANDY!”

Easy Winter Wedding Or Event Centerpiece

I am still recovering from my New Years Eve Wedding… It was an amazing whirlwind experience and I am still trying to remember everything that happened at it!  One thing I thought my readers might be interested in though was my Wintery Centerpieces.  Here is all you need to achieve this look: $1 Vases from theContinue reading “Easy Winter Wedding Or Event Centerpiece”

A Very Star Warsy Christmas

My house is having it’s first Star Warsy Christmas this year.  To explain why this is happening I must explain that I don’t celebrate Christmas, my Fiance does and thus I don’t really care how he wishes to decorate for the holiday.  Usually for Christmas we go back to his parents house so we don’tContinue reading “A Very Star Warsy Christmas”

Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Decorations

Have fun crafting and decorating at the same time this Thanksgiving with these fun ideas great for any party and even easy enough to have your kids help you with! Mayflower Place Cards It’s there is so much Thanksgiving fun when you can eat snacks out of the Mayflower! These little snack boats are soContinue reading “Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Decorations”

Even More Easy Halloween Decorations

Ok well if you haven’t check out my last set of easy halloween decorations make sure you do there are some great tips!  You can access it HERE.  Here are some more great easy ideas! Standing Ghosts This is a great suggestion from pintrest this homemade standing Halloween Ghost is done in just a few steps.Continue reading “Even More Easy Halloween Decorations”