Olympic Opening Ceremony Party

The Winter Olympics begin this Thursday in Sochi Russia which means if you are having a prime time watch party you need to get ready now!  There are two main ways to decorate and enterntain for the Olympics.  The first is to celebrate your home country or which ever country/countries you will be routing forContinue reading “Olympic Opening Ceremony Party”

New Years Eve Wedding

For the most part my wedding was winter themed.  Fake snow everywhere including with the pine cones, silver and light blue christmas ornaments filled our centerpieces (click HERE to see them) white christmas lights adorned the beams in the rooms, etc. But there was one section of our wedding dedicated purely to the celebration ofContinue reading “New Years Eve Wedding”

Easy Un-Valentines Day Ideas

Are you single this valentines day but still would like to do something with your single friends? Well here are some easy ideas for your fun un valentines day celebration! Watch an Un-Valentines Day Movie Here is a list of 5 great Un-Valentines Day Movies! The Break-Up (2006) PG-13- This film follows Jennifer Aniston and VinceContinue reading “Easy Un-Valentines Day Ideas”

Easy Superbowl Party Ideas

Here are just a few simple tips to have an easy and fun Super Bowl party with a little added flair! Silverware Holders    These easy to do silverware holders can be made with stuff you have around the house! All you need: Left over cans Brown paper White paint Scissors Paint Brush Glue CoverContinue reading “Easy Superbowl Party Ideas”

Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags

For my bachelorette party I needed clean fun activities for all ages so I could include my 15 year old cousin in the festivities. So I had a PJ Bachelorette Party. Everyone came dressed in their PJ’s up to my hotel suite two nights before the wedding, we settled in for some snacks, movie watchingContinue reading “Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags”